New phone number: +49 6406 92335-0

On behalf of a modernization of our phone system, our phone number changes. The old phone numbers +49 6406 1509 and +49 6406 6602 (fax) are still available. New numbers +49 6406 92335-0 (main number), +49 6406 92335-170 (fax) and direct access numbers (see contact persons) are now available, too.

Modern dosing systems ensure optimum product flow

Many production processes within the food and feed industry are slowed down by complex and separated dosing and mixing systems. Beyond that, in many cases they suffer high measuring tolerances. Inefficient arrangement of components is often caused by lack of space, which means that gravimetric dosing systems cannot be applied...

2010.03 | Heft 3 Brau Industrie

A small and helpful device between silo and conveyor Usually conveying lines are designed, so that subsequent machines and systems are loaded according to their rated capacity. At the interface between silo and first conveyor there is the discharging section. In cases where a slider is used, the Flow Controller...

2009.09 | Heft 36 Brauwelt

Economic and reliable – Method for regulation of grain moisture. By application of a slider at the interface between silo and first conveyor, the Flow Controller can be applied to set the conveyed capacity in t/h. By continuous regulation it makes sure to convey a steady flow capacity and optimizes...

2008.09 | Verfahrenstechnik

Continuous weighing, dosing and blending Weighing of bulk solids is practically realized by different methods: discontinuous weighing... 2008.09_VerfahrenstechnikDownload