Flow Controller FC3 – series 12 with new features

The new series 12 is available for the Flow Controller FC3. It comes with several new features, which are listed in the following:

Reduction of installation height for devices from inlet size DN200 upwards

Until now FC3 devices from 200mm inlet diameter upwards had increased installation heights. In case of the new series, these dimensions were now reduced. For example, FC3.300 with inlet/outlet diameter of 300mm, only requires an installation height of 140mm (with round outlet 250mm) against so far 240mm (with round outlet 350mm). In particular bigger piped devices can now be integrated much easier into existing and new plants, saving expensive space for additional silo storage.

Avoidance of type contamination and residue-free evacuation

By application of a specially shaped product wiper, device empties without product residues. This prevents type contamination of product residues with new batches. It enhances hygienic conditions within housing interior and suits itself in particular for seed, food and feed applications.

Sole electric operation, no requirement of compressed air

Due to the new construction, there is no need for connection of compressed air. Device runs only with electric power.

Increased cylinder forces

Cylinder sizes and thus available reserve forces were clearly increased. Foreign obstacles and related deadlocks/blockings can be avoided much easier.


New series features EG1935/2004 and FDA conformity for operation with food and feed related products. All materials which are in contact to dosed product are designed and approved for application with foods. Additionally housing shape and wipers are designed to avoid product residues in housing interior and dead spaces.

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