Flow Weigher DC3

Flow Weigher DC3

Continuous weighing of bulk solids at low installation height
  • Competitive weighing system with high accuracy
  • Low installation height, inlet/outlet with straight alignment
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
  • Ideal weighing system for grain, pellets, granules and bran
  • Minimum installation height with compact shape design
  • Widely independent from type specific properties and density
  • Optimized housing design: residue-free product drain
    (suited for application with seeds)


  • Successor model to the Vertical Pipe Weigher DCG


The Flow Weigher DC3 is used for the following applications:
  •  Continuous weighing of bulk flow for in-plant control purpose
  •  Pre-weighing of bulk for truck loading processes
  •  Entry of quantities for silo management

The Flow Weigher DC3 continuously weighs free bulk flow.



The bulk is slowed down and fed into a pipe bend. The pipe bend is connected with a load cell. The measured force is proportional to the throughput.

Applied products

All free flowing products can be measured, e.g. grain, pulses, granules, malt, pellets, soya, diverse bruised grains and bran (special design).

Integrated interfaces as per standard:
  • Analogue output 0-10V
    for actual capacity
  • Digital output (24V DC)
    for kg-pulses
  • Relay output (230V AC)
    if preselection amount has run up
  • Relay output (230V AC)
    for limit values
  • RS485 (also configurable as Modbus-RTU)
    all process data can be accessed
  • RS232
    all process data can be accessed
Optionally available interfaces
  • Analogue output 0(4)-20mA
    for actual capacity
  • Profibus
    all process data can be accessed
  • Profinet
    all process data can be accessed
  • Ethernet/IP
    all process data can be accessed
  • Further interfaces are available on demand.

Profibus interface


Dimension sheets

Size DC3.120 – (Pipe diameter 120 mm)

Size DC3.150 – (Pipe diameter 150 mm)

Size DC3.200 – (Pipe diameter 200 mm)

Size DC3.250 – (Pipe diameter 250 mm)

Size DC3.300 – (Pipe diameter 300 mm)

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