Flow Weigher DC3 – Compact weighing system for recording of quantities and flow rate of grain

The company FRIEDRICH electronic developed the new weighing system Flow Weigher DC3. It is applied to continuously measure flow capacity and total weight of flowable bulk.

The Flow Weigher DC3 is the successor model for the long-standing model type Vertical Pipe Weigher DCG. Several advantages and developments have been implemented, which are introduced below.

By an optimized product conveyance inside the weighing unit, the bulk is lead into the sensing pipe more accurately and carefully. The system has a wider tolerance against different product types, so the effort to calibrate is reduced. Weighing results and reproducibility with varying product specifications are improved.

Furthermore the suspension of the deflection plate has a new design, which strongly stabilizes the zero point behavior. It increases the robustness against exterior influences. Additionally the device was constructed maintenance-friendly, e.g. exchange of load cell is substantially simplified.

Another advantage of the new construction is the enhanced grade purity. The product flows unresistedly out of the housing, avoiding any product residues.

Due to its low installation height, the system can easily be integrated under narrow spatial conditions. The installation is simple, since the connections can be assembled with regular clamping rings. Standard feed is with 45° inclination, but it can also be implemented under 0° alignment using special feed deflectors. Through this arrangement, system can be installed in vertical conveying pipes.

In case of abrasive bulk or high throughput rates, product conveying parts can easily be equipped with low-wear protection sheets, which stretch life cycle time.

The new DC3 weighing system is also integrated in the Automatic Dampening System NC8, providing highly reliable measuring results to calculate water dosing amounts.

All common cereals, animal feed, granules, pellets, but also bruised grains and various grinded products can be applied for weighing. The system is also suited for the application with seeds and can optionally be supplied in stainless steel qualities (AISI 304 / AISI 316).

In summary, the Flow Weigher DC3 – being considered as successor model to the Vertical Pipe Weigher – comes with many improvements which derive from practical field experiences of recent years. These improvements enhance the system to provide practicable, accurate, reliable, robust and easy-to-handle services. The Flow Weigher DC3 marks an important milestone for the weighing equipment of the company FRIEDRICH electronic and comes as an essential element of product modernization in the company portfolio. Further innovations will follow in the near future.

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