Easy to integrate solutions for your requirements

We are looking forward to find creative easy-to-integrate solutions together with you. We want to understand your applications, learn from your requirements and develop devices which simplify your daily work. Also we would like to assist you with our advice and experience. In many cases technical difficulties can be avoided during planning period by applying smart solutions.



In weighing processes the product capacity and the total product amount can be determined. Advantages or continuous weighing are uninterrupted product flow and constant and permanent feeding of the following machines.


The flow rate of bulk solids can be determined by dosing processes. Also the total amount of the product is measured. For the dosing it is essential that enough product is available.


By blending different product components can be unified. Advantages of continuous blending are process-oriented handling, direct treatment and low investment costs.

Moisture measuring

The measurement of moisture is a wide field of activity. We provide a measurement which is focussed and fittet on cereals. The measuring is continuous and without interception of the associated process.

Moisture regulation

With the moiture regulation the product moisture can be set to a desired value. Demand of water is calculated with difference between actual and target moisture and is based on actual product capacity.