Accurate blending of seeds as factor for success

In agricultural scopes it is increasingly common to focus on mixing cultivation. In relation to pure seeds there are several advantages, e.g. prevention of massive pests and insect outbreaks, erosion protection, combination of similar sorts for crossings, balancing effects in case of changing weather conditions, efficient usage of nutritive substances or improved stableness during harvest period. Generally mixing cultivation lead to reduced growing risks and increase yield stability. Especially in biological cultivation – a growing agricultural sector – sensible seeds blending can help to forgo usage of biocides. A good example for successful application of such blending is the combination of peas with oats or barley in the scope of feed crop cultivation. Furthermore blending of different qualities of one particular raw product is an important field of application. To reach optimum results in agricultural cultivation with blended seeds, it is important to dose the applied products, which has considerable influence on quality and earnings. Automatic dosing systems provide an efficient way to reach high-quality blendings.

The company FRIEDRICH electronic located in Lollar, Germany offers the Flow Controller FC3, which is a well-suited device for this field of application. It consists of an electrically driven flat slider with integrated weighing sensor and provides gravimetric dosage of grain, pulses and free-flowing products. By linking of a number of Flow Controllers FC3 within a silo plant, a clearly defined seed blend can be created, which can instantly be used for cultivation purposes. Its very low installation height and flared pipe connections allow users to easily integrate the device under the silo bins. Even in most existing plants the device may be integrated without difficulty. Furthermore the device provides useful measuring data, such as actual flow rate in t/h and total amount in kg. During dosing processes the integrated intelligent alarm-management-system of the flow regulator makes sure that faults are identified and captured instantaneously. Despite its simplicity and convenience, this gravimetric dosing system reaches continuous target flow rates with measuring tolerances between 0.2% and 2.0%.

Compared to previous models FRIEDRICH electronic offers a new model which has been developed in particular for dosage of seeds, providing avoidance of product residues within the device. Furthermore the device is operated solely with electric supply; compressed air is not required.

Another usage of the FC3 is the exchange of outdated or defect weighfeeders, because the compact and flat design can easily be integrated under the silo outlet of most existing grain plants. Within this perspective it is possible upgrade older plants under low capital and labor investments, to reach higher efficiency and significantly extend service life. Application of the device of FRIEDRICH electronic also helps to reduce maintenance rate, which has a positive effect on the whole production chain.

The dosing system is available in different pipe diameters from 120mm to 300mm, reaching flow rate ranges from 1-20 m³/h to 10-200 m³/h. In addition to standard models, FRIEDRICH electronic offers individual customizations, which also contribute and support optimization of processes and conveying lines in world-wide food and feed processing industries.

Interested visitors of the Powtech in Nuremberg may inform themselves from 26.09. to 28.09.2017 at stand 4A-514 about this and other devices from FRIEDRICH electronic GmbH & Co. KG.