Batch Controller BC3

Batch Controller BC3

Batch dosing of free flowing bulk solids
  • Pneumatic controlled flat gate with weighing sensor
  • Summation of throughput in kg
  • Gravimetric batch dosing with preselection of desired amounts in kg
  • Easy installation directly under silo outlet
  • Very low installation height


The Batch Controller BC3 is suitable for the following applications:
  • Dosage for bulk loading with preselection of desired batch amounts, e.g. for truck loading
  • Continuous and fast filling and emptying of big-bags in batch operation
  • Dosage of product components in batch operation, e.g. for production of feeding stuff
  • Measurement of flow capacity and total amount at the outlet of a silo

For operation of the Batch Controller BC3 full product stock at the inlet of the device
is required.


A pneumatic controlled flat gate is located in a steel housing. Under the flat gate there is a weighing sensor which measures the product flow rate. The user enters a desired batch amount and starts dosage, the flat gate opens and the product flows with maximum capacity over the baffle plate. When reaching the desired amount, the dosage is stopped.

Applied products

All free flowing products can be measured, e.g. grain, pulses, granules, malt, pellets, soya and diverse bruised grains.



Dimension sheets

Size BC3.200 – (Pipe diameter: 200mm) with integrated electronic FE710

Size BC3.200 – (Pipe diameter: 200mm) with extern electronic FE128

Size BC3.250 – (Pipe diameter: 250mm) with integrated electronic FE710

Size BC3.250 – (Pipe diameter: 250mm) with extern electronic FE128

Size BC3.300 – (Pipe diameter: 300mm) with integrated electronic FE710

  • BC3 300 FE710 (PDF)
  • BC3.300.FE710.dwg (zip)

Size BC3.300 – (Pipe diameter: 300mm) with extern electronic FE128

  • BC3 300 FE128 (PDF)
  • BC3.300.FE128.dwg (zip)

Evaluation electronic type FE128 for panel mounting (24 V DC)

Evaluation electronic type FE128 – Inside wall housing (230 V AC)


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