Yield Controller VC

Yield Controller VC

Grinding supervision and control of yield
  • Compact dustproof device for panel mounting or in steel panel case
  • Control of 1 or 2 milling systems, connection of max. 8 / 16 scales
  • Easy installation, compatible to all kinds of weighers
  • Graphic monitoring of yield curves

The Yield Controller VC is suited for the following applications:
  • Continous control of mill extraction and control of grinding process
  • Providing of protocols and transfer, display, archiving and printout of all data on PC possible

With the Yield Controller VC6 it is possible to register up to 8 or 16 weighers (depending on expansion stage), at which one/two milling systems can be gathered synchronously. The current throughput of each weigher is calculated in t/h. All extractions in % of the first brake as well as the total extraction are displayed at once. Besides the current throughput extraction the total weight extractions are also displayed. For connection of scales there can be used many different interfaces.
Each sort is registered separately and can be displayed statistically in shift, week and month protocols.

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