NIR-measuring device NIRC

NIR-measuring device NIRC

NIR-measuring device for continuous NIR-quality control for grain in real-time
  • Continuous quality monitoring and process control by real-time measurement
  • Exact measurement of moisture, protein, hardness, falling number and further parameters
  • Quick and reliable recognition of quality deficits in process line
  • Robust and proven NIR-spectrometer Corona extreme from ZEISS
  • Easy integration into inclined running pipes possible


The NIRC is suited for the following applications:
  • Simultaneous monitoring of quality parameters at grain intake
  • Sorting of grain qualities in silos
  • Application in mills, grain trading and grain processing companies
  • Regulation of processes as a result of analyzed measuring values


The NIR-sensor for measurement of quality parameters is located inside a running pipe. The bulk flows over the sensor and is analyzed continuously. The parameters are being transferred to a PC and recorded.

Applied products

All free flowing products can be measured, e.g. grain, pulses, granules, malt, pellets, soya and diverse bruised grains.



Size NIRC.120 – (Pipe diameter: 120 mm)

  • (PDF)

Size NIRC.150 – (Pipe diameter: 150 mm)

  • (PDF)

Size NIRC.200 – (Pipe diameter: 200 mm)

  • (PDF)

Size NIRC.250 – (Pipe diameter: 250 mm)

  • (PDF)

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