Colour Controller CC3

Colour Controller CC3

Online flour color and ash supervision
  • Continuous colour supervision
  • Calibration of % - ash content possible
  • Internal registration over 24 hours
  • Simple installation into available running pipes


The Flour Color Measuring Unit CC3 is suit-ed for the following applications:
  • Evaluation of flour color for ash supervision
  • Registration of peelings in flour for error detection

In a measuring pipe of arbitrarily diameter there is a brightness sensor. The flour which passes the sensor is scanned contin-uously through a lense. The degree of brightness is amplified and evaluated elec-tronically.

Applied products

Any type of flour may be used as product.

For evaluation there is a control electronic available which displays actual measuring value. Limit values may be set and controlled. In case of limit value exceeding, an output may be switched and subsequent processes initiated. The measuring value may also be transferred via analogue output or bus interface into a PLC.

Futhermore the evaluation electronic offers a graphic chart of the measuring value over 48h.

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