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Accurate blending of seeds as factor for success

Lollar, 08.08.2017  In agricultural scopes it is increasingly common to focus on mixing cultivation. In relation to pure seeds there are several advantages, e.g. prevention of massive pests and insect outbreaks, erosion protection, combination of similar sorts for crossings, balancing effects in case of changing weather conditions, efficient usage of nutritive substances or improved stableness…
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Cereal blending optimization with NIR technology

In co-operation with ZEISS, German company FRIEDRICH electronic GmbH developed the new NIR analyzer NIRC for continuous quality measurements of cereals. It allows for online-monitoring of parameters like moisture, protein level, hardness or volume flow rate. The main advantages of the new system are user-friendly operation and simple installation by means of clamping rings into…
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Flow Controller FC3

Continuous, gravimetric dosage of free flowing bulk solids Electrically controlled flat slider with weighing sensor Exact regulation of flow capacity in kg/h Summation of total amount in kg Very low installation height, easy installation directly below the silo Control of slider position and position presetting
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