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Flow Controller FC3

Continuous, gravimetric dosage of free flowing bulk solids Electrically controlled flat slider with weighing sensor Exact regulation of flow capacity in kg/h Summation of total amount in kg Very low installation height, easy installation directly below the silo Control of slider position and position presetting
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Continuous blending of free flowing products

Continuous blending process With the aid of several dosing units it is possible to realise a parallel blending process. The desired blending ratio is entered in % of total flow rate. For each dosing unit a specific target flow rate is calculated, which is regulated online. The product components flow continuously and simultaneously into subsequent…
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2010.03 | Heft 3 Brau Industrie

A small and helpful device between silo and conveyor. Usually conveying lines are designed, so that subsequent machines and systems are loaded according to their rated capacity. At the interface between silo and first conveyor there is the discharging section. In cases where a slider is used, the Flow Controller provides an interesting solution. The desired product flow capacity can be set in t/h …

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