In weighing processes the product capacity and the total product amount can be determined. Advantages or continuous weighing are uninterrupted product flow and constant and permanent feeding of the following machines.

Continuous quantity measurement of free flowing products

Fig. 2: Continuous weighing with the Baffle Pipe Weigher
Sometimes it is not possible to weigh the bulk with a discontinuous weigher. To avoid an interruption of the process, the bulk has to be weighed continuously. This is possible by using a Vertical Pipe Weigher. A baffle plate transmits the weight to a sensitive load cell. The results are the actual flow rate in t/h and through integration the whole conveyed weight in kg.

The following picture describes the function of a continuous working baffle weigher. The bulk enters through the feedpipe. It is braked by means of a 90° falling brake. Thereby the bulk can be accelerated with a defined velocity. Following the bulk strikes on a baffle pipe. Inside this pipe the striking force and the affection on the pipe bending at the outlet is measured.

Continuous quantity measurement of heavy flowing products

 Fig. 1: Conceptual Drawing of the Rotor Weigher
The complexity of weighing products like flour, powder, dust, e.g. lies in their inappropriate capability of flow. Because of that, it is very difficult to weigh these products. Cakings often lead to inaccurate measuring results. This handicap can be solved with the Coriolis-System. Coriolis weighers evaluate the torque, which results if solids are accelerated radially and deflected tangentially.

Coriolis Weighers measure the torque, which is the resulting force when solids are being accelerated radially and deflected tangentially.

Because of the high acceleration in the Coriolis Weigher the product stays permanently in rotation and is not able to form bridges or cakings. Measuring works continuously. Vibrations of the assembly area or the density of the product don´t have any effect on the results of measurement. Force has a tangential effect, while friction shows a radial direction. It is not necessary to recalibrate the Rotor Weigher when changing the product to be weighed.

The Rotor Weigher is based on the Coriolis priciple.