Rotor Weigher RC

Rotor Weigher RC

Continuous weighing of poor flowing bulk solids Overview
  • Sealed dust-tight and maintenance-free system
  • Low installation height, easy assembly
  • Largely insensitive to vibrations
  • Direct mass flow measurement with high accuracy
  • Patented and proven measuring system


The Rotor Weigher RC is suited for the following applications:
  • Continuous weighing of bulk flow for implant control purpose and calculation of extraction
  • Frequency controlled dosage for production of blends or additives

A horizontally aligned rotor is located inside the Rotor Weigher. It is driven at constant speed. The product is fed to the center of the rotor and accelerated to approx. 9 m/s. The occurring Coriolis force is gathered by a torsion spring and captured by a flux induction sensor. The system is completely proportional to the mass flow measurement. Material-specific characteristics such as flow characteristics or friction are not included in the measurement as errors.

Applied products

A large number of poor flowing products can be measured, e.g. flour, powder and bran.



Dimension sheets

Size RC100 – (Pipe diameter 150 mm) with evaluation electronic FE128

Evaluation electronic type FE128 for panel mounting (24 V DC)

Evaluation electronic type FE128 – Inside wall housing (230 V AC)